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Analyst Equity Capital Markets

My name is Roxy, 26 years old, I come from Austria and I work at Kempen as an analyst in the Equity Capital Markets team.

How I started at Kempen
Two years ago I did an internship in the Equity Capital Markets team and got an offer afterwards to join as an analyst. I studied Law in Austria and in the Netherlands and had worked in law firms for 6 years before joining Kempen, so leaving my legal career behind was quite a big step for me.

What my job involves
Broadly speaking, my job involves to manage all processes required for a successful equity offering. I really don’t have a “typical” workday. Each transaction has its own characteristics and that also means that no day is the same. Currently I am working on the IPO of logistics company CTP.

What I like most about my job
What I like most about my job is the dynamics of different transactions and the collaboration with other teams of Kempen such as Corporate Finance and Securities.