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You started as an intern at Kempen Corporate Finance, with a slightly different study background then most interns, how did you know Kempen? 
I came across the Kempen Life Sciences & Healthcare Inhouse day. It caught my eye as I was interested in exploring a career in finance in combination with my life sciences background. In the end I did not join the Inhouse day because it was rescheduled due to a massive storm. I had a coffee with someone from the team and was convinced to apply for an internship position. I could relate to the team as the majority has a life sciences background. 

After your internship you started as an analyst in the Life Sciences & Healthcare team at Corporate Finance, could you explain what you and your team do? 
My team combines industrial, financial and scientific experience to guide European-based life sciences and healthcare companies throughout their development stages. From supporting a broad range of equity capital market transactions, to mergers & acquisitions and other strategic advisory.  

What makes a good investment banking analyst? 
Kempen offers an entrepreneurial environment. You’re given responsibility from day one with high senior and deal exposure. You should be pro-active, be flexible in handling everything thrown at you and have excellent analytical capabilities and communication skills.

At Kempen and especially at Corporate Finance you work in an international environment, not only the companies you advice, but also your colleagues (we have colleagues from Italy, Denmark, Spain, Austria etc.). How do you experience working in an international environment and working with people with different cultural backgrounds? 
Working in an international environment, not only when it comes to our clients but also within the organisation, is both challenging and insightful. You learn how people think, approach things and how they like to get things done. Next to the differences, the colleagues at Kempen are ambitious, open-minded, approachable and willing to help each other out.

What kind of impact did COVID-19 have on your work and personal life?
Before the pandemic, I did not anticipate that a home office would come in handy for this job. After a few adjustments, incl. screens, the home office is fully functional. I can work more efficient plus I get to see the person that I am living with more often. Working from home also gives me more flexibility to workout, do laundry etc. However, it is very easy to wake up, open your laptop and start working. Commuting by bike was a nice way to start and end my day. 

Do you have any advice for students with a life sciences background who think about a career in finance?  
Apply for a (virtual) recruitment event or reach out (to me) for a virtual coffee to learn more about we do and get to know the team. An internship is the ideal way to find out whether working at Kempen Corporate Finance (or Securities) is something for you. You’ll become part of the team and receive personal guidance.