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Karlijn Schipper - Business Intelligence Specialist

My name is Karlijn, 100% Dutchie and living in Amsterdam for a little more than 10 years. My passions are playing piano and tennis, doing yoga, learning new things, and traveling around the world. After studying Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam, I started working at Van Lanschot Kempen as a Business Intelligence Specialist where I am happy to work now for more than 3.5 years. 

What my job involves
The goal of my team is to make the bank more data driven. We do this by providing insights in financial data, CRM data and customer behavior data through analyses, reports and presentations. These insights then help the business to make better strategic and operational decisions to ultimately improve the performance of the business and enhance the knowledge within the business.

A typical workday
With my team, we are currently working in sprints. So every day we have at least 1 scrum ceremony, such as a planning, review or standup. Furthermore we work in projects. During the day we write a lot of queries in SQL, build pipelines to automate processes and use Excel and PowerBI to make visualizations. We also perform ad hoc requests that we share with the business. And every day we make some time to drink a coffee together, play a game or have a chat.

What I like most about my job
The things I Iike the most about my job are not only working with my colleagues from the Advanced Analytics team but also playing and puzzling with data to solve business problems. Every week I learn new things, which makes the learning process ongoing. Van Lanschot Kempen makes personal development possible by stimulating us to follow training programs. I'm enthusiastic that Van Lanschot Kempen has put such a big emphasis on leveraging analytics in its current strategy!

Let me tell you a bit more about a recent project I worked on

My latest project was all about bringing a big SQL database to the Azure cloud. This database consists of customer specific information, financials and contact data. It serves as the foundation for our reports, dashboards and analyses. We wrote a lot of scripts using SQL and python code in order to bring data together, guarantee high data quality and make the processes as efficient as possible. We automated everything in Azure Data Factory, a Microsoft tool that you can see as an orchestrator. We worked together with data engineers and the cloud platform team.

Last but not least: A piece of advice for people thinking of applying to work for Van Lanschot Kempen 
My advice to people that are considering applying for a job at Van Lanschot Kempen would be to investigate if your personal ambition matches the function and if you see a fit between your own personal values and the companies culture. Try to speak to colleagues, experience the atmosphere and just follow your feelings!